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Welcome to Optimum Support Services

Hello & welcome to Optimum Support Services. I'm Rebecca McGeachy and I am here to make your life easier. Are you a small business owner, self-employed consultant or even a larger organization with budget or staffing limitations and are struggling to find enough time in your day to focus on what you really need to do or love?  Optimum Support Services offer you a hands-on, friendly and professional approach to dealing with all your support services needs and as members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) you can be confident in our knowledge, experience and professionalism.  Our ethos is to provide a cost effective approach to your support services whether that be as a HR Consultant giving advice on projects, providing payroll services, assisting with recruitment, general accountancy services, or Virtual Executive Assistant services and more regardless of your business type, needs or size. We aim to add real value to your business through the successful implementation of pragmatic and effective solutions to your needs.  Optimum Support Services posses a wealth of knowledge and have real experience of identifying potential problems in businesses, interpreting current needs and providing businesses with cost effective Support Service solutions.

Discretion and client confidentiality are the foundation of Optimum Support Services.  As such, a standard non-disclosure agreement ("NDA") is signed by us as part of our engagement and work agreement document with you.  However, we fully expect that you may have your own Company NDA and we are more than happy to sign them in place of or as well as our NDA.  We want you to feel fully protected by Optimum Support Services and all of our documents, systems, client information etc. are held in secure, encrypted locations and information is discarded of in line with data retention legislation.

Optimum Support Services offer a one hour free so that we can get to know your business and your needs and you can establish if Optimum Support Services are the perfect fit for you.

Why use Optimum Support Services as a Virtual Assistant

Firstly, a Virtual Assistant is not someone you never meet, who has a generic name and is actually a group of different employees pretending to be the same person.  Well not at Optimum Support Services anyway. Whilst we are offering in essence a virtual service, this does not mean that we only support you through the web or over the phone (although we do just this for many clients who travel, have a home office etc). We are offering services that save you money.  We do not need a desk in your office, or a computer or any employee benefits and you will not need to pay National Insurance contributions for us or join us in your Pension scheme.


About Us

Founded by Rebecca McGeachy (fCIPD), Optimum Support Services can provide you with the perfect virtual assistant services.  Whether it’s a bespoke piece of work or regular monthly support, I’m here to support you. I am a fully qualified HR consultant and a Chartered member of the CIPD  as well as IOSH qualified and having worked across various sectors including finance, insurance, retail and beauty, contact centres, recruitment and third sector I have seen the importance of Support Services. I spent my last 6 years of employment working as an Assistant Director managing the Support Service functions (HR, Payroll, Finance, Office Management, Training, Reception and more) for a large Charity in Kent and made the move to become a Virtual Assistant having been approached by local businesses for support with their back office service so that they could focus on building their business.


Our Services

 HR Management

As a qualified HR professional and a Fellow member of the CIPD, Optimum Support Services can off you a fully qualified HR Manager at a fraction of the cost. For most businesses having a fully qualified member of staff dedicated to managing all of their HR administration would be an ideal solution to their needs.

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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll administration and processing presents a set of time-sensitive complexities that requires substantial resources to execute efficiently, accurately and in a legally compliant manner. By outsourcing your payroll administration to Optimum Support Services it will free you from the meticulous and time-consuming efforts associated with payroll, allowing internal resources to focus on core business objectives.

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Back Office Support

Your focus, quite rightly, should be on the front line of your business – dealing with clients and customers, setting your strategy, focusing on how to grow your business. However, all businesses, regardless or size, age or type have administrative tasks that need to be undertaken. 

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Executive PA Services

Do you need someone to plan meetings and take minutes, or plan events, help you with a project or research or even help you with personal duties. 

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